Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beautiful moon in Xpu Ha

Barb left today on a 3:00 p.m. flight.   After dropping her off at the airport and a teary good bye, I headed back to Xpu Ha, where Gerry had taken Myrtle.   We are spending one night here, then heading south tomorrow.   We aren't sure if we will stop at Laguna Azul, or find a spot on the beach in Majahual.    We only have 6 days before we have to make our way back to the Mayan Riviera to pick up our granddaughter Maddy from the airport.   We will have her for 10 days.   If you followed our blog last year, then you are already acquainted with our eldest grandchild.   

It is difficult to blog when we spend a lot of time in one place, because it feels as though there isn't much new to talk about.   Starting first thing in the morning, we are back on our journey.        

The moon was beautiful tonight.   It is hard to believe the full moon was last night and it is still this amazing.

On our way back to Myrtle from the beach we stopped in to see John and Peggy.    I believe this is their new pet, because he made himself completely at home on their front yard.    I think they call him Hermy.   :)

It was very nice to see all our friends here at Xpu Ha after being away for 10 days.   Happy hour was more like a happy couple of hours.

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