Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Life is quiet in Akumal.  The snorkeling is very nice.   There are restaurants within walking distance,  some sandy beach, some rocky beach, it is a little upscale, expensive by Mexican standards,  and it is very Americanized.    It is a little outside our snack bracket, but we are lucky enough that my sister Barbara rented the condo for her vacation and invited us to stay with her.    

The wifi is awesome!!!!   It's hard to stay off the computer and get our butts outside after 2 1/2 months of being internet challenged.    It is also nice to have television without having to set up a satellite dish; but no Canadian news........ just FOX News.   I'm having withdrawals.

Akumal is lovely, the condo we are in is beautiful and we are being spoiled with the comforts of life; but I do miss Xpu Ha and our new friends.   We will still be on the Mayan Riviera off and on for the next month, so we will probably get a few chances to visit, meet for lunch or dinner or get a snorkel or two in.

While I was in Chichen Itza, our Xpu Ha neighbour and friend, Paul made his inaugural trip in his new kayak.     Now that would have been fun to watch.  I am told Paul flipped it twice, but had it all under control in no time at all.   It looks like fun.   Gerry and I have thought of buying a couple...perhaps next year, or perhaps when Paul tires of his we will be able to get a good deal on a slightly used one.   :)

More memories of Xpu Ha.   I haven't seen near as many birds since we left.   

We are very safe here in Akumal with our little police station hiding behind the bushes.....watching, watching, watching.  lol.  Ok, so it looks like it has been abandoned for years.   There is in fact an active police presence here.   It is obvious Akumal has a lot of gringos and a lot of money.       

I have no idea if this architect had any help building his city...but it rivals some of the ruins around here!   

Chocolate Habanero ice cream.   OMG!!!   I had to have it, just because it sounded crazy.  It was absolutely delicious.    Cold ice cream meets hot habanero and you think hell as frozen over in your very own mouth!!!  So good.  

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