Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lunch in Tulum

Gerry had a migraine all night and all day, so we didn't go to Tulum to see the ruins with Sara & Tommy today.    They did go themselves and were quite pleased.    They hired a guide and for the two of them plus the guide it cost $25.00.   The excursion from the resort was $40.00 per person, so having a car in the Mayan Riviera is cost justifiable.     

I was awake at 5:00 a.m. with Gerry this morning, which is unusual.   I almost always miss the sunrise and his early morning walk on the beach.   When he has a migraine he really can't tolerate the light once the sun comes up.  Today I joined him.    The clouds were low in the sky, making the sunrise high in the sky.   Very pretty.

 I blogged as soon as I came back from the walk, so there are two blogs today. 

I decided to join Helen & Paul and Rob & Shirley on a trip into Tulum (the town, not the ruins) for lunch.   We ran across this hostel, which got me to thinking that the kids might find it interesting to stay here one night so they could take in the ruins at Tulum & Coba and go to Hidden Worlds all in one trip.  It is about an hour drive from Playa del Carmen, not a bad drive, but an hour each way adds up when you make 2 or 3 trips.    So we stopped to talk to them and take some pictures.  

A small but clean pool.

Free breakfast and you are allowed to cook all the meals you want....as long as you don't cook any meat.   This hostel is vegan.

I didn't take a picture of the dorm because there were people in it, but this is on of the private rooms.    To stay in the dorm it is 200 pesos each, to rent this room is 500 pesos.

When I walked into this room, it had such a strong musty smell  I knew immediately that the kids would never be able to stay here.   Oh well, it was interesting to check it out.   I have never been in a hostel before. 

This is one of the most inviting resting spots in a shopping area that I have ever seen.   A huge shade tree, 

   and surrounded by art.

Another interesting overnight option in Tulum.   For 70 pesos each you can rent a hammock on the beach.

We had lunch at little restaurant called El Camello or in English, The Camel 
Believe it or not, this is 3 shrimp tacos.    They were huge and delicious.
The menu read camarón capeado, and in brackets beside it in English it said (weathered) .   I had no idea what  capeado (weathered) was, so of course I ordered it.   Even after eating it, I still had no idea what capeado was.    I would however recommend it, it was delicious.  It cost $65 pesos.   The same meal is $110 pesos at our own beach restaurant.

The most impressive thing is Paul not only remembered the word capeado hours later, but also remembered to look it up.   This evening I got an email from Helen :
Brenda, Paul looked up "capeado" and FYI it means:    In cooking, dredging foods in an egg bath and fried in oil. (no flour or bread crumbs, just egg)

I am a bit sorry I didn't order pescado.  (fish).   They bring in the fish fresh from the ocean just blocks away, clean it, fillet it and cook it right then and there.   Next time I am in Tulum, I will eat the fish.  

After eating lunch we headed to Akumal, where we saw this lovely creature.       

We went for a quick snorkel, but the visibility was only about 10 feet, probably due to yesterdays storm.   I still managed to see two spotted rays and 3 turtles. 

We were home by 3:00 p.m., and I have been flat on my back doing absolutely nothing since.   Gerry is a lot better tonight than he was yesterday and this morning, but he is suffering from the after-migraine hangover now.    Sara and Tommy are heading to Xcel Ha tomorrow, so will spend a good portion of Thursday with them before they catch a plane back to Ontario at midnight.   


  1. What's the deal with the beach hammocks? Like is there some sort of security? Like a campground or something? Part of me finds it really appealing, part of me finds it terrifying. I wonder how hard it is on your back

  2. I didn't see the actual hammocks, just the advertising. I am intrigued as well. I would suspect there is security, but would have to verify that. I can't imagine it is the most comfortable nights sleep you'd ever have.