Saturday, January 12, 2013


Muyil is a small archaeological site about 25 miles south of Tulum.    It is in our handy dandy little book Archaeological Mexico, that our grandson Trent bought us for Christmas.  The book says it is 17 pesos per person to get in, but it was 35 pesos.   Prices have gone up significantly since the book was published.   Even so 35 pesos is a little less than $3.00 Canadian, so I am not complaining about it.      

We peeked inside a cave.  I couldn't see a thing, but old eagle eyes Gerry thought he could see a bat.   We turned the flash on the camera and yup, he was right.   It was so dark I never did see them.  

Walking around Muyil was more like taking a short hike through the rain forest than visiting a ruin.   It was a lovely 45 minute walk.  

We are told this is an excellent birding site, but you have to get there early in the morning.   We arrived about 9:00 a.m.,  which is early for me, but a little late to spot any rare birds.   We did see this one, and could hear birds whenever we stood still for a minute or two.    

Gerry and I have never hired a guide, but I think it would enhance our experience a great deal.   I must have pondered the why's, when's and how's of hundreds of different things while visiting ruins.   With a guide, my pondering could have been answered.
I wonder what kind of tree this is?  I wonder how old it is?       

This site is very small with only a few structures.   It is interesting and lovely, but after seeing a few of the larger ruins, I wasn't awestruck.     We both really enjoyed the walk, and had the entire place to ourselves.      

Afterward, we drove around the town of Muyil.   It is a Mayan town and a poor area.    

We were lucky enough to drive past the ice cream man.   It was more like ice milk, but it was delicious.   Gerry bought an ice cream cone for all the folks that happened to be standing on the corner.   They were obviously not going to buy one for themselves, or their children.   7 ice cream cones cost 52 pesos.   Cheap by our standards, but I think a very expensive treat by theirs.  

This little fellow was terrified of Gerry.   He is looking up at his mother, and when Gerry spoke to him he quickly handed his ice cream to her....presumably to keep it safe.  lol 

 On the way back, just north of Tulum we drove past this place.   What, what???  Bears?  Is this Jellystone Park???  We had to turn around and check it out.

This cenote seems to have been man made.   It is like a lazy river, and they rent kayaks to go on it.   It is probably about 200 meters or so around a little island.   For 50 pesos you can rent a kayak, or you can just go swimming for 30 pesos.  (20 for children). 

There was no one else there, except a Mayan gentleman who seemed unable to understand a word of our poor Spanish.  The only thing he said to us was Cenote, which he said with a big grin on his face about 10 tens and pointed.    Then he disappeared.   

I think someone had grand plans for this little place at one time, maybe still does.   

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