Friday, December 28, 2012

Nothing much going on with me so I didn't see a point in blogging the last few days.  The beach has gotten busy.  A lot of Mexicans come to the beach for their holidays.   Some set up there tents right on the beach.  See the angle of the tents?  Imagine trying to sleep on that slope. ( Ann says they just sleep in hamocks so they wouldn't know the difference.)

I sat and watched these guys fish.   They never did catch anything.
It got windy and all this crap washed in.  What is the ocean, just a dump?
 Saw this little prickly thing.  I have no idea what it was, but I sure am glad I didn't step on it.
I was treated to watching this crane catch a fish.
 It took about 5 minutes for it to swallow it.
These 3 camped here for a couple of days. They were doing the Maya Rally for the end of the world. They started with 32 different vehicles and now they are down to 3.  Every one went home when the world didn't end. These 3 decided to stay and enjoy Mexico for awhile. The one truck was from Alaska.  Now that's a long drive.
Met a couple of teenagers spear fishing
They were a lot of fun and so proud when they got one
They would yell and show off their catch.
Today I went and did my good deed and picked up a bunch of plastic.

This is how busy it got at our beach.   We couldn't get out if we wanted to.

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