Saturday, December 15, 2012

Yet another beautiful day in Xpu Ha

This is where I spent the morning, at the dentist office. While I was in there suffering from clausterphobia, Brenda was shopping for a new internet stick Banda Ancha. We heard they were on sale at Oxxo but they were not.
I'm very happy with the temporary cap on my tooth.   I get the permanent one on December 27th. 
After we got back Brenda and Helen decided to go snorkeling.
Yes that's them splashing around.
Nicole and Shawn(?) went for a sail with Tacho

 Rob and Pricilla showed up for a swim.  We almost had a quorum to have happy hour on the beach today!
And this is what you get when you leave me in charge of the camera.


  1. Thanks for the pictures, Gerry. Helen also reads the blogs so I can't make any comments here. I'll talk to you in person.

  2. I like you being in charge of the camera. :)


    1. Me to but can only get away with that so often. Do you have a blog.