Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Peurto Adventuras

We left our laundry in Peurto Adventuras on Monday, so yesterday we went back to pick it up.   PA is the closest little Mexican town to Xpu Ha.    We found it delightful.     We had lunch in this restaurant.   1 beer, a coke (Gerry can drink soda in Mexico because they use sugar cane instead of corn syrup to sweeten it) and 3 tacos each for about $10.00.    

I love the way they hand paint most of their signs.

It was a lazy day otherwise.  We walked down our beach to the north.  

I'm hoping someone (probably Trent) will identify this fossil for us.

This fellow was putting his head in the water, pulling out a fish and eating.   This must be a very good fishing spot.    John & Peggy (our neighbours and fellow bloggers) saw an octopus here.  If you are interested in Mexico RVing, you may want to check out their blog, they have been doing this for many years.    I might just have to come down here with a picnic lunch and watch what shows up.   It's only a few hundred meters from our campground.     


  1. Hoe neat our friends Paul & Helen Tempesta are camping this month in Xpu Ha this month,you won't be able to miss them at the beach as they have three Labrador retrievers one chocolate, two yellow. If you see them tell the Sam & Donna said hi. From what they say that is a great area. we are hoping for next years. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Hi Sam Paul and Helen are parked right in front of us I well tell them tomorrow you said hi. This is a nice area will be here for awhile.