Monday, December 24, 2012

Sorry I have not bloged for a few days. I was sick a couple of days and lazy a couple of day, but thats me.


This picture  is for Jon and Peggy, who have gone home for Christmas.   They write their names in the sand at the end of the beach.   Every day they walk down, and if it has been destroyed, they write them again.   So romantic!    Rest assured Jon and Peg, it's still there.

And thanks Jon for showing me these seeds now all I do when I walk the beach is look for them.  The obsession is so bad I missed a topless girl.   So thanks again Jon.
They are called Hamburgers by the gringos and Deer Eyes by the Mexicans.  In Spanish that is  ojos de venado.  They come from south America they grow along a river bank and fall in then get carried out in the Ocean and the current carrys them here, I never checked that story but it did sounds good so Im sticking with it.   
Of course, Brenda stuck her nose in here and looked them up.   Here is a link to give you a bit more information on them.
Yikes!  Looking for Deer Eyes, I  found one of these so I guess its alright that I missed out.   I would not want to step on that.
It was so cold in the morning that the crabs didn't even scamper down their holes they just sat in the sun.

This was the start of today it looked like another cloudy day but its nice and sunny now.

Went to Tulum today I was looking to see if I could  find a free way into the ruins.  No luck

All the usual tourist stuff.

How come the guy that dresses the crazyist gets to hug all the girls?

There were  thousands of people in Tulum, all going in to the ruins.   I am told this is the busiest time of year at the ruins, because of the Solstice and Christmas.    In fact somewhere in the crowds were Paul and Helen.   Good luck to them there were so many people they would of had to pay me to go in.   . I'm not into crowds... Give me a small mexican town where I'm the only one that speaks English and I am happy.


  1. Feliz Navidad, from us to you.. Sam & Donna...

  2. Merry Christmas Brenda and Jerry!

    From your envious Canadian beach neighbours,
    Carrie and Maico

    1. Feliz Navidad Carrie and Maico

      Thanks Carrie did you see Brenda? She is home.

  3. Thanks for checking on our beach names. If you want to go to Tulum get there by 8 AM, the crowds did not arrive until 10 AM. Here is our Tulum Blog from 2 years ago

    We should be back late Sunday afternoon. There has been snow on the ground everyday since we got back home and a big storm is due in tomorrow.