Thursday, December 13, 2012

Albert sees the doctor

Finally, the day arrived to take Albert in to see the doctor.    He has been waiting for a long time to be able to let passengers in and out from the actual passenger door.   As it turns out, he will have to wait a while longer.

The good news is they didn`t charge us to find out what is wrong with him today, unlike the Mercedes dealer in Donna, Texas who wanted $500.00 just to diagnose the problem.    We were willing to pay them to diagnose it in Donna and just told them to order the part.   We knew.     It`s too bad the dealer in Cancun wouldn`t just take our word for it 8 days ago when we told them we knew what was wrong and that they would have to order a part from Germany.   sigh.   We were hoping we were wrong and they could just fix it.  

The bad news is it will take 20 business days to get the part from Germany.  lol.  Here we go again.   At least they admitted it would take 20 days, unlike Donna who kept saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow for 10 days and it never got there.

The door latch and two cables are broken.    Parts and labour will be $5,100.00 pesos.   That is close to $100.00 less than Donna, Texas wanted just to tell us what was wrong.   huh.   It is funny how a bad experience with one place can make us happy to spend close to $400.00.  

The only picture worthy moment of our day was seeing Jack Nicklaus' condo in Cancun.   Rumour has it he has the penthouse floor and only uses it for 2 weeks a year, the rest of the time it is left empty.   I'm not so sure I buy that.

Tomorrow promises to be a much nicer day.   Come hell or high water I am putting my snorkeling gear on and getting wet!

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  1. I'm happy to see that you are making progress with "Albert". Now, get back to your regular blogging or I may have to start writing again. Actually I was thinking of writing a blog.........mañana!