Sunday, December 9, 2012

Puppies on the beach

Meet our neighbours.




What good pups they are.   The only time they make any real noise is when they are letting everyone know they are on the way to the beach to exercise their people, Helen and Paul. 


They each have their own ball, but most times I think Coco has two or three of them.

These three beauties travel everywhere with their people.  Every other day, they take Helen and Paul down to the beach so they can play ball.

They drop the balls on the beach, to give Paul and Helen their exercise and let them  pick up the balls and throw them into the ocean.    Paul and Helen think it is the other way around.   :) 

After the swim, you can imagine how much sand they bring back with them.   I am amazed how they each stand still to get rinsed off, and then any remnants of sand is blown off them with Paul's compressor.   lol.   No lead, no holding them down....they actually enjoy it. 

We also met this fellow on the beach today.   Romerick lives in Hull, Quebec and used to spend his winters in Mexico until the economic crisis of 2008.   Now he comes down for only a vacation...but camps right on the beach.   Awesome.   Apparently his father brings an RV down, and is currently in Palenque.    They won't cross paths this time around, but his father is on his way down to a campground just north of Playa del Carmen.     He can't remember the name of it, but apparently the campground is right on the beach, and is less expensive than Xpu Ha.   It can't be the only other campground near here we know about, Paa Mul, because they charge $1,050.00 US per month.  Neither Gerry nor I know where it is, but would very much like to find it and check it out.  


  1. They are nice dogs aren't they. So happy to see that they are having so much fun in the ocean.

    Say hi to Paul and Helen for us.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. The place you could be looking for is LosCorales de Xcala. It is at GPS 20.66769 -87.03470 It is not right on the beach though. The turn off is on 307 northbound just before the Princess Hotel. It is next to Hotel Petite Lafitte and the Fives.

  3. Thank you very much Anonymous...whoever you may be. :) Kevin and Ruth, yup, we sure will say hello for you, and yes, these dogs are awesome.

  4. No Problem. The actual name of the place is LosCorales de XcalaCoco. It is mentioned in the Churches updates at their website. 6 sites.

  5. Looks like you all had a great day at the beach with the Queens of Williams Ave. We brought our black Lab Rigg's down to Paul & Helens for a visit someday go back on our blog and Pauls and see the four of them in the pool. We sure wish we were with you guys down there. hopefully next year. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  6. man it always throws me when you put your captions above the photos instead of below

  7. I'd guess it is at Soliman Bay. Turn right if going north bound on the 307 at Oscar y Lalo's which is now on the north side of the highway. It probably took us 15 minutes by car to get to the end of the road. There is a restaurant there, and outside bathrooms. There were several folks with elaborate campsites set up, but no rv's. I don't see why you couldn't park there however. The restaurant a small family affair is open until sunset. The food was excellent and the beer ice cold.

    They set up tables along the beach, however right behind that there is probably room for 40 campsites, at least.

    Hugh Morton