Thursday, December 6, 2012


We got a parking ticket yesterday.   Nowhere on it does it tell us how much the ticket is for.  

We weren't too fussed about it at first.    What would happen if we didn't pay it?   Not much we figured.   Then we noticed that they took our license plate off the car!!!   

We had no idea where to go, so we went back to Playa del Carmen where we got the ticket and asked a police officer.    He didn't speak a word of English, but we thought we understood where to go.   He got us in the general area, and after asking a few more people and going to a few wrong buildings (all in a one block area), we finally found the gated building that housed our license plate.   

If you ever have to pay a parking ticket in Playa del Carmen, this is the right building.

I love their parking garage!

We were told this was the line up to get into....WRONG.    


This room here, the one that had no line up at all, is the one to go into.

After photocopying your drivers license or passport, and attaching the copy to the ticket, they send you to this wicket.

They take a lot of license plates!   I guess not everyone comes to pick them up.

After all that, they laughed, giggled actually, gave us back the plate and sent us on our way.   NO CHARGE!!!!   lol   We were concerned about how expensive a Mexican ticket would be.   I think this is a good lesson to never pay off a Mexican police officer instead of taking a ticket. 

On the way back to the campground we stopped in Peurto Aventuras'  tourist section.   We were told we could get in free if we told them we just wanted to go to a restaurant, so we tried it, and it worked like a charm.    

Lizard lips.  :)


  1. That's just crazy... never heard of them actually removing plates. And your punishment is - inconvenience. Better that than pesos I suppose.

    Your previous post showed a photo of the road/entrance to the Cozumel ferry. Do you remember the Senor Frogs Bar to the right? Well, back in 2008, I surprised Maico with a trip to Tulum. However, booking months in advance, didn't realize that it was the same week as the Obama presidential election. We HAD to have a TV, (I know you can identify) none in Tulum. So booked a beautiful ocean front room that seemed really cheap for the view and location. Well, we were right above this bar that played really bad 80's rock and often live(!) every day from 10 am thru to 2am. I can still hear the DJ yelling out on his mike...'Who wants to get f'in drunk!!?? We did join in and celebrate that one evening of Obama's victory... sorry, your photo just brought back some interesting flashbacks.

    Glad to hear that you've found 'your spot' on the coast. Looks divine. All's good here in CB, although I did notice today that your black car is not in the driveway. Didn't see Dave today to inquire, but imagine all is OK?!

    Take care, C.

  2. hahaha. Yes, we saw Senor Frogs right there on the beach. I can totally relate to the tv thing especially during the Obama election. Gerry and I were glued to the tv for this years election. Go Obama!!!!! :)