Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just another day in Xpu Ha

We had a new neighbour for a couple of days.   They are from Germany and are on a mission to see the world.   The came and went in a blink of an eye!  Well, on Mexican time.  

One German vehicle beside another.   lol  Albert could almost fit underneath this RV.   They call this a Safe Vehicle, presumably because it is hard to break into.   They pull a whole staircase down to get into it.    

We took a drive to Akumal today to see Moon Bay.    Beautiful.   We will be snorkeling there for sure!   My sister has rented a condo on this beach for a week in mid-January.   There were groups of snorkelers out in the water, and we were told that everywhere you see a group of folks the are either hanging out with a turtle(s) or stingray(s).    Akumal is about 15 minutes south of Xpu Ha.  

Transplanting a palm tree.   I had no idea its root system was so small...just a little ball.  

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