Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday I didn't blog.  Just lazy. I got up at 4 with Brenda and headed to the airport by 5. I dropped Brenda off and headed back home. The only other things I did was take the laundry in and an oil change on Albert.
Today I decided I needed some exercise so I walked down the beach.
 Sat and watched the pelicans fishing for 10 minutes.

I am always suprised to see plants and flowers living so close to the ocean.  Tough plants.

I walked down around the point

and came upon this small ruins.  It looks like a mayan ruin, but I have no idea if it is.
When these clouds came I headed back.

After the rain passed I went to pick up the laundry and came across this accident. The guy was heading north lost control and went over the median then across the south bound then rolled it and ended in the parking lot of the
grocery store smashing into the  parked car.



  1. Yikes! That looks like one nasty car accident.

    We'll have to take a walk down to those possible ruins when I get back. Miss you babe!

  2. Pelicans! I was obsessed with pelicans when I was a kid, I just thought they were the cutest things ever. Great shots!