Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back to the Ruins

I had a rough night.  I had a migraine all night and didn't get any sleep.   So this morning I just walked back to the abandoned resort and took some pictures.     

 I have no idea what kind of a bug this is it was about 3 inches long.
And this was an egg sack on the beach it was about 1 inch.

Hard to believe this exercise bike wasn't looted.

I came across this place where some guy is living I walked right in on him   .He wouldnt let me take his picture he said he was the security but didnt tell me to leave. And he had a pile of copper wire in his room that he had ripped out of the walls

Another toilet seat in Mexico.

I saw 3 of these guys.

The only one using the pool

Kept picking something out of the pool   It looked like seeds.



  1. Hi
    It certainly is some species of preying mantis. No idea which one though. Did you find it in a forested sandy area? Very cool how it's mimicking what appears to be a dead leaf. Merry Christmas.

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  3. I will try again, with correct spelling and punctuation.

    Another fine and interesting blog from Gerry, next door. I really should wander down there, although it might be inhabited by Holiday transients until mid-January.

  4. love the picture of Paul & Helen on the beach but couldn't comment on their blog, so please tell them for us.
    rvdave from Niagara Falls