Monday, December 3, 2012

Quiet Day at Xpu Ha

  Gerry has a migraine today and had a terrible night, so we did very little.   We went into Playa del Carmen to get our laundry done and took a quick drive to Akumul to have a looksie.    We couldn't find the laundromat to do the laundry ourselves, but found a place where we can drop it off and pick it up tomorrow, washed, dried and folded.  12 pesos per kilo.   For just over $10.00 we will have 9 days of laundry done.   Not a bad deal!    On the west coast we paid 15 pesos per kilo.

The beach in Akumul is beautiful.  The only access seems to be through the dive shop.  If you have business with them, you can park for free, otherwise it costs 20 pesos per hour to park.   They do a lot of snorkeling from this beach, and they told me that you had to take a boat out to the point yonder to see turtles.   I had thought turtles would come up on the beach  to lay eggs, but they said that only happens in May and June on this beach.     

After a long nap, Gerry felt well enough to go for a short walk, so we headed south on our own beach.   It is only a few hundred meters to the point.    We have a lot of exploring to do.   We don't even know which resorts are closest to us and how far away they are.   One of our neighbours told us that the closest resort to the south is strictly for gay men.   I suppose if I google I could figure out which one it is.         

There is a lot of coral washed up on the point.   If we go straight out, we would land almost dead center of the coast of Cozumel.   I don't know how far out the reef is yet, but I suspect the snorkeling will be awesome.   I just need to find someone to snorkel with.   Gerry can't go swimming, with his pain disorder, the last time he went in water, as soon as he got out the cold felt like a thousand little knives were stabbing him.   It would have to be hot out indeed to talk him into even trying.       

Tomorrow we will walk north.

The resort that used to be directly to the south of us is no longer there.  

Right outside the campground they rent jet skis, kayaks etc.   They also will take you parasailing.    I haven't done that since the 80's.....tempting for sure.  If I remember correctly it is a very smooth ride and a very smooth landing.   I'm not so sure with my bad leg that I would land well though.   haha, I'm talking myself out of it just posting about it!   

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