Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 States, one long day.

We left Illinois at 9:00 a.m., drove all the way through Indiana, and landed in London, Ohio for the night.  We spent six hours on the road again today.   Yes, of course we are overdoing it, but we have decided it makes most sense to get home as soon as possible.     We don't have anything in particular we want to see along the route, and home is calling our names loud and clear.    

For the past two days the roadside has been peppered with these beautfiul purple blossoms.   Spring is truly in the air.

We had a couple of traffic jams today.    This looks like a roll of aluminum tape to me.   They were pulling a few of them out of the ditch at our first hold up.   

Our second hold-up turned out to be this transport truck.   It decided to take out a good portion of the railing.   The third hold-up was for no apparent reason whatsoever, but signs on the road claimed they were cleaning up a crash site.   It was the longest grid-lock and added about an hour to the day.   We took advantage of the time, by making sandwiches and eating lunch.  

We missed entering Indiana, but Ohio made sure we knew we arrived.

Home for the night.  We thought we would switch it up and picked a Pilot instead of a Flying J's.  

At around 7:00 p.m., the sounds of the birds actually drowned out the sounds of the road.   When I looked outside I noticed bird after bird land in this tree.   There has to be a couple of hundred of them in it.

Does anyone recognize this bird?   I don't.   At first we thought they were sparrows, but we think they may be some sort of a finch.

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  1. I immediatley thought Finch, before I got as far as you saying it, I'm no bird expert mind you, but for what it's worth I agree that it's a finch.