Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Turtle to Saltillo

After we left the Hotel Hacienda in Zacatecas to spend the night down the road at the Pemex Station, two more RVers pulled in.   As it turns out they are travelling together to the border, so we decided to join the caravan.     Mostly we feel the need to assure our family and friends back home that we will be as safe as possible.          

This is such a pretty flower.   It was growing in the compound at the Pemex station, and neither Gerry or I have any idea what it is.    Anyone?


Jupiter and Venus.    

On the way down in November we drove across the Tropic of Cancer, and only realized what the sign said after we had passed it.    As soon as I realized, I entered the coordinates into Bertha so we would be sure to stop at it on the way home.

Here is Myrtle with her nose touching the tropic of cancer.   :)

The land becomes more and more desert like the further north we go.

We arrived in Saltillo an hour ahead of schedule.   It only took 4 hours.   I think Bertha was mistaken about the speed limits.

Satillo is a prosperous town by Mexican standards.   

This sign is just down the road from the Hotel Imperial, where we are camped for the night.   It is just teasing us!!!!


  1. That pretty flower is on a Bottle Brush bush/tree. It looks just like the one that we planted at Whiskey's site at Hacienda Contreras, we'll get to see it again tomorrow. Glad your drive back to the border is going well and that you have company.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Hi Brenda, I was just about to tell you that I know what the flower is...but I see that Kevin and Ruth beat me to I saw one while I was out walking with Lori today. It's a very interesting plant. Have a safe trip home tomorrow :) Barbie