Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Chief Campgrounds, Burnet, Texas

We had wanted to take a trip down the river at the River Valley Campgrounds, in Canyon Lake but the weather was not cooperating.   The forecast said there would be at least 3 days of rain, and the campgrounds didn't have a laundrymat, so we decided to Turtle on down the road just a little bit.   We traveled about 75 miles north, 1 1/2 hours, which felt like plenty to us.   We are trying to keep the distances low anytime we are going to travel two days in a row.    It took us closer to home, the weather is still crappy, but this place has laundry facilities.

We belong to Resorts of Distinction, so we can stay free at any of the ROD campgrounds, 1/2 price at any North American campgrounds, and we get a discount at AOR and ACN campgrounds; however, there are a lot of miles between most of them and we have to either stay at other campgrounds or boondock as well, so we joined Passport America yesterday.   It costs $44.00 and for that membership fee you get 1/2 off the price of all the campgrounds they represent.   They seem to have a ton of them.   

On the way, we passed a couple of disconcerting signs. 

We ended up at Big Chief Campgrounds in a little town called Burnet.   It is a Passport America campground, the usual cost is $34.00, so our cost is $17.00.   If you camp enough these memberships are really worth the fee.

The wind is gushing so hard the Mrytle feels more like a boat than a mortorhome.    There is a nice pool here with a hot tub.   We may just find ourselves soaking in that hot tub after dinner.    

The campground is on a lake.   Texas was hit hard with a drought last summer and autumn.   They have been having consistent rain since the end of November, but the lakes are still very low.  

The docks for the houses around the lake are all about 100 yards away from the water.

Nothing like lake front propety.   If the lake would come back.

The dam is also but 100 yards away from the water.   Gerry stood beside the dam to give us some perspective.

Do you see the tree stumps?  They were all under water.  I wonder how long this dam has been here.
This is a fish that was near shore   .It was about 3 feet long and we thought it was stuck in the mud.   Suddenly, it jumped and swam away with a loud clumsy splash.   I think it was a carp but not sure.

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