Sunday, March 4, 2012

Turtle back to Patzcuaro

We woke up with the birds again this morning.   We are pretty sure someone beat the crap out of us while we were sleeping.   Every muscle hurts and we are both moving very very slowly.    Then we looked out at this fabulous view and remembered our folly of yesterday.    Ouch....yet, still, it was worth it.      I had to take a couple more pictures of the  the church of San Juan Parangaricutiro and the campsite before we started our turtle back to Patzcuaro.    

Here is a quick youtube documentary on Volcan Paricutin.

This is the restaurant/office area for the campgrounds we stayed in.  Centro Turistico de Angahuan  gps coordinates :  19.54229 N 102.23424 W .    They charged only 100 pesos and let us plug into one of the rooms for electricity.    

The road coming through Angahuan is pretty good, except for this spot.

We hit a bump in the big nasty bump, the freezer and refrigerator doors both flew open and much of the contents flew out.    yuck....see the upside down bowl?   it was filled with eggs.      

It still amazes me how they let their livestock wander around free.   I guess no one is worried about thieves.

We stopped in Santa Clara de Cobre (copper) on our way back.    The town is famous for its' copper wares.   We bought this sink, toilet paper dispenser, towel rack and bucket for our bathroom.  

We made it back by noon, besides dumping the holding tanks we have been resting our aching muscles ever since.    

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  1. I think it's called a chamber pot, not a bucket ;)