Friday, March 23, 2012


We haven't been blogging much lately, because frankly there hasn't been anything to blog about.   The weather has been cold, windy and rainy.   I've had migraines more often than not and Brenda has been suffering with back and neck pain.    We have not been the two most pleasant people on earth the last few days.   

 We are in Oklahoma now.   We have seen more cattle,sheep, buffalo and horses here than any other state we have driven through.    

 We have also seen a lot of casinos.    I have been in four of them in the last two days.   I was pretty happy when I came out of the first one with an extra $500.00 in my pocket, but by the end of the fourth one today I managed to donate it all back.     Brenda took this opportunity to have some alone down time.    After a week in the rain cooped up together in a 20 x 7 living space....we are both lucky to be alive.   

After all that rain, the rivers and creeks are running high, trees and docks are under water.

 Finally today, the sun has appeared again.      Oklahoma isn't anything like I imagined it would be.   It is lush, hilly at times and flat at times.    A good portion of this state is populated by what they refer to as the 5 Civilized Tribes, being  the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek & Seminole Tribes.

We went on a search for moccasins, figuring Oklahoma the home of the 5 Civilized Tribes ought to have plenty of authentic ones.   Wow, were we mistaken.   After being sent on a wild goose chase over about 50 miles we stopped at half a dozen places and only found moccasins for babies.    We ended up at a Cherokee Historical Site.    

Brenda swore she saw an animal run behind a tree with a long white tail with black rings on it.   The only thing we found was this squirrel.

After having had a nice Cherokee style lunch, complete with some very tasty catfish, we have taken this sign to heart and have stopped for the night.    We are spending the night in a casino parking lot again, and will head to an ROD tomorrow for a couple of days to dump, and replenish our water supply.    For the next few days we will be stopping at various casinos through Oklahoma and Missouri.         

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