Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lake Whitney and Glen Rose

Yesterday we couldn't blog because we had no internet again. We ended up in Whitney Texas at Sun Country Resort.  It's on a golf course and if you strain your eyes you can see the lake.
 On the way to Whitney we came across areas that were burnt by the fires last fall during the drought.

This is a strange park most of the people are seasonal.  As you can see by this picture they build roofs over their trailers or RV's, some have there whole lot covered.  It must get hot here.
We had a crazy thunder and lightning storm last night it poured most of the night.    We've read that when a tornado is headed your way it sounds like a freight train.    The thunder seemed to go on forever.

We got up and left first thing this morning.  On our way we came across some game farms, this one had a herd of Buffalo.

We ended up in Glen Rose Texas at Tres Rios RV park.  It is one of the Resorts of Distinction so it is free for us; other than our yearly fee of course.   It\s a nice place.   There has to be 100 RV's here.

                                                       This is one of the three rivers

                                                              This another one 

It rained so much last night that the rivers are way up, and the mud was a all churned up.  .A guy I met says it has to be up 6 feet.You can see all the trees in the water.

We look a little out of place here with all these hundreds of thousand dollar rigs parked next to us.   It was the same way last night at the last ROD.   

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