Thursday, March 15, 2012

Turtle to Texas

So long Mexico.   Gerry and I had mixed feelings as we turtled on down the road today.   Sadly, it is our last turtle in Mexico for the season, but being homeward bound is far more than a welcome feeling.

As we left Saltillo the fog was heavy, yet the scenery was still beautiful.    

 It is amazing how quickly the terrain changes as we move northward.

This is the second billboard of a police car we passed today...the first one tricked me.   I thought it was real.  It was bigger, and appeared to be sitting at the side of the road...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.     I guess this is what it comes to when you have cutbacks? 

We have seen these signs several times over the last few months.   Neither Gerry nor I have any idea what the heck it is all about.  Anyone?

As we approach the U.S. of customs we noticed this fence, it goes on for quite some time; however, the fence seems to be damaged every 50 yards or so.    That coupled with the fact that the U.S. Customs Border Officer was a Mexican....hmmmm......I have to wonder just how realistic hollywood programs are when depicting the illegal alien issues in the south western states.


Crossing the border was as uneventful as the drive from Saltillo.    We crossed at the Colombia bridge.   As we drove past Laredo, there were literally hundreds of transport trucks backed up for that bridge.   I don't know why they don't use the Colombia bridge.   We did see a few transports here, and it is only 1/2  west from Laredo.   

We are now tucked in at Lake Casa Blanca International State Park in Laredo, Texas.   We have no idea where we are headed tomorrow, or even if we are headed anywhere.    We plan to take our time and enjoy our turtle through the U.S., back to Crystal Beach, Ontario.  


  1. Where exactly did you cross the border...Marilyn

    1. We crossed at the Colombia Solidarity International bridge, it's about 1/2 hour west of the Laredo border. The GPS coordinats are: 27.699716°N 99.745646°W

  2. Welcome back to the States, I am like you I think the news media blows anything that has to do with mexico way out of proportion.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

    1. Thanks Sam & Donna for following along. The news sure does pick on Mexico.When we first crossed we were a bit scared. Now we have no fear of Mexico and will be going back next year.