Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bear's Den, Grove, Oklahoma

Here we are in Grove, Oklahoma.   We are staying at an ROD park called Bears Den.    Gerry will have to take a couple of days off from the Casinos, but there are lots in Missouri just waiting to take his money.   Today was a beautiful sun shiny day.  It feels like late spring in Canada.    Rain and tornadoes have been plaguing Oklahoma.    We will be sure to remember that next year when we plan our trip home.   It has not been a pleasant 2 months...oh wait, it has only been 2 weeks....huh...sure feels like two months, since we left Mexico. 

This is the Grand Lake of the Cherokee Nation.   They tell me it is up about 9 feet right now.    

There are gazillions of bugs, which I imagine has something to do with all the birds here.

Hey Canada!!!!   Are you looking for your geese???   There are flocks and flocks of them here.

Isn't this one of those nasty birds whose feces kill the trees they live in?   Cormorants?

The robins mustn't know how nice it is back home yet either.   There are hundreds of them hop hop hopping around.

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