Monday, March 12, 2012

Zacatecas Day 1

Today we spent the day being tourists.  We took the bus into town at 5 pesos each that's about 40 cents. It's amazing how they can run a bus system being so cheap.We can't do that in Canada.  We wandered around town.   How do you like this juice cart?

                                                   We came across a few fountains

                      And some crazy art.  How would you like a chair made out of horse shoes?

                                                I just love their wiring, how safe is this?

Beautiful, isn't it? 

Here are some of the steps we had to go up to get to the cable car that passes above the city, from one hillside to the other.    Both of us lack the physical fitness to bound up these steps like the locals do.   I think we stopped about 5 times to catch our breath on the way up.   Throughout the entire day, we did not see one single other Norteamerican.  

They have one of the nicest churches we have seen.  It was quite spectacular.

                                  Look at the size of the pillar that Brenda is leaning against.

                                                      It was built in the 17 hundreds.

                                            The details in the carved stone work is amazing.

                                  This is a picture from the cable car that goes over the city.

We went to a mask museum that used to be a convent.

The museum from the cable car.

We felt like we were transported into another time and place.

These diablo masks were used during the Spanish Inquisition to frighten the natives into believing in heaven and hell, through fear of Satan.   

We took over 500 pictures in the museum, choosing a few to blog was no easy task, so we basically closed our eyes and picked whatever we were looking at when we opened them.   lol

At the end of the day, on our way back to Myrtle we made a great purchase.   An orange juicer.   After spending the last few months in Mexico, having freshly squeezed orange juice as often as we wanted, we were very pleased to find this.    Now we don't have to go back home and drink store bought OJ.   yummmy 

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