Monday, March 26, 2012

Bad Planning

We didn't plan our route home through the U.S., and that was a mistake.   We knew I had to be home for an appointment by April 11th, and we knew we would cross into the states at the same border we entered Mexico.  Other than that, we failed.    We failed to educate ourselves on the weather expectations, we failed to identify places we would like to visit, and we failed to find out when campgrounds open for the season.    Now that we are north of Oklahoma, the campgrounds are all closed until mid-April.  lol.  so, it appears the rest of our overnights will be at places much like the one we are at right now.   We are in Illinois, just east of St. Louis, Missouri.  

This is our lovely view from Myrtle.  

We had a long drive along U.S. 44 through Missouri today.   We decided to drive until we dropped, and we lasted 6 hours.   We both are paying for it now.    I have two things to say about route 44.   First, if you see this sign...don't believe it.

Second, if you decide to ride a motorcycle along this road, be sure to wear a face shield unless you enjoy the feeling of bugs between your teeth.   lol.    There was no taking pictures through the windsheild today.  

There is very little to write home about today.   We did cross the great Mississippi River from Missouri to Illinois.         

We are watching the weather forecasts now, and it seems we may actually end up spending a night or two or perhaps three in hotel rooms between here and home.    The days are balmy as we head north, but it seems the nights oft times drop below 0.  


  1. Wish we would have known you could have stopped at the Weeb ranch were about 30 miles from the Mo-IL border on I-70, We have room for any size RV and electric and water . Matbe next time. plus we have a good cook here. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Thanks for the offer.Maybe next time