Friday, December 9, 2011

6 more sleeps

It's hard to believe we have been gone for 5 weeks already, yet at the same time it feels like a million years since I've been home. 6 more sleeps and we fly home for Christmas! I'm so excited! My son and grandson will pick us up at the airport. I'm thinking I'm in for a seriously awesome Trent hug.

I miss my whole family so much it is painful. I couldn't imagine being away from them all for Christmas. I can't wait to see all the children, (listed in chronological order), Lara, Zoe, Maddy, Ryleigh, Trent, Kennedy, Ana and little Sophie.

We have some decisions to make regarding where to leave Myrtle while we are gone. There is a campground, called Tacho's, in Puerto Vallarta, about a 10 minute taxi ride from the airport where we can leave her for 100 pesos a day. It seems convenient, but we would also have to stay there the night before and at leas the day we come back...and their prices are considerably higher when we are "Occupying Myrtle", i.e. 320 pesos a night.

We rented a car about a week ago and went into Puerto Vallarta for a day to scope out Tacho's. We feel perfectly safe leaving Myrtle there, but have no real desire to camp there. It is inland in Puerto Vallarta, within walking distance of Walmart....blah. If we leave Myrtle here, we will certainly Turtle on Down to somewhere or another as soon as we return.

There is another campground 8 kilometers inland from Bucerias in a little town called Valle de Banderas. I emailed them while we were still in Aticama to ask how much they would charge. Yesterday they finally emailed me back, and I was quite impressed to see the price when we are not there and 260 pesos a night when we are. The campground is called Altarose and is about 30 minutes from Puerto Vallarta by car....not sure how long by bus.

Here is a review I found online about Altarose:

Altarose Rancho RV Park

Altarose Rancho RV Park offers Spacious Mountainview RV Spaces as well as Activities, 24-Hour Security and the Friendliest Service in the Bahia!
Valle De Banderas, Mexico is a wonderful place to enjoy your vacation and we have everything you need right here at Altarose Rancho RV Park!

They offer you RV camping in the valley with a beautiful view of the mountains. Spacious lots and no city noises. Quiet and peaceful setting. We are located just 15 minutes out of Bucerias and just 30 minutes out of Puerto Vallarta. Fresh clean air and peace and quiet. Close to the city with all the amenities but out in the valley with nature

We are paid up until the 13th of December, here at the Sayulita Trailer Park, so the plan is to head out first thing on the 13th and Turtle on Down to Altarose. If everything seems safe and sound, and we can get to the airport without too much ado then we will stay for 2 days and leave Myrtle there while we are gone, and perhaps stay a few days when we return. If we have any reservations about Myrtle's safety, or it is too far to walk to the bus stop, we will Turtle to Puerto Vallarta and squeak out the cash to Tacho's in the name of 'peace of mind'.

I love Sayulita......but I'm itchy to move on....see more of Mexico. While we are home we have to decide where to go when we come back. We are of three minds...head south along the coast toward Acapulco stopping at all the little coastal towns on the way, head north toward Homosillo, or the option I am really leaning toward....head inland....visit the winter home of the Monarch Butterflies.

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