Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rancho Altarosa Day 2

 I love this road sign.   I kept seeing them every once and awhile and my thinking was Crab crossing.  I've seen them with turtles and lizzards as well.   Boy was I wrong What would do you think?  (It means Protecting the enviroment)

Laundry day.  Free clothes dryer, this is what there is in Mexico.  They work well in Canada too, I just rarely see them.

Thats December!!! Their seasons sure are different from ours.

These are Avocado trees there are quite a few around here.  I'm told they get a blight, and are well regulated.   If the authorities find any sign of it, they make you cut down the entire orchard.

The girls had a project for today.  Recover a lawnchair.  And they even managed to get it done with the help of a few beers.

Today was packing and getting Turtle ready for our trip home.   We biked into town , we were out of coffee so it was  an extremely important trip.  We went to quite a few stores and all we could find was instant.   I was almost in a panic, we were out of junk food too!   .  We bumped into two ladies from our campsite, who came to our rescue and guided us a candy store that had coffee too!   On the way back, we stopped and had a couple of quesedillos for lunch and ended up with some chicken soup. We felt guilty because yesterday they didnt have any chicken and they said they would have one today just for us.    Then when we got there the woman took Brenda out back (into the kitchen) to show her the soup pot so thats how we ended up with the soup.

No blog tomorrow unless we get internet at the airport.  So it well be a couple of days.
We need to get home and start Christmas shopping.   I'm so excited....just love shopping.  

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  1. Keep in mind that the bus trip will take close to 3/4 of an hour from the town to the airport. Just thought we would let you know so that you gave yourselves enough time. Have a good trip back.

    Kevin and Ruth