Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12th, Our Lady Guadalupe

Tonight, December 12th is our final night in Sayulita, and the final night of the Our Lady Guadalupe Festival. Tonight's pilgrimage was a step up from the one's all week.
Guadalupe (The Virgin Mary) was on a spinning platform.
It was the same band, playing the same song, but they were dressed uniformly. Here is a link to a youtube of the song

All week I was asking the local gringos what the song was called, but no one knew. I finally found the English words online.

The English translation is:

Song to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Words Anonymous
You are the fountain of my life
Under your shadow, and in your protection,
I fear no evil, no pain, no worry...

Maria, oh most merciful Mother
Gentle Virgin, with the name, Guadalupe
On a mountain, we find roses in winter,
All the world, has been touched by your love.

Here, in the crossing of your arms
Could there be anything, else that I need?
Nothing discourages, nothing depress me.

You, are the Star of the Ocean
My boat is small, and the waves are so high
But with you to guide me, I'll reach my homeland.

You, are the Dawn of a New Day
For you give birth to the Son of the Father
All of my lifetime, I'll walk beside you...

Tonight was the only night they had horses in the parade. Wonderful! They were dancing to the music. Every other night there was a police escort for the pilgrimage...but they were no where in sight tonight. We started calling the folks on the horses the RMMP - Royal Mexican Mounted Police.

Every other night the fireworks were really just big bang noise makers...and I mean BIG BANG!!! I almost jumped out of my skin each time they went off. In fact, once I was sitting on a wall swinging my legs, and suddenly a huge bang made me jump...I literally had a knee jerk reaction, Gerry was standing in front of me and I kicked him right in the butt! He was less than impressed, and wasn't quite sure whether or not to believe I had no control over it. :) Perhaps, it was my uncontrollable laughter that made me seem less than sincere.

Tonight they got serious about the fireworks. There were a dozen young men building a display, using twine to tie hundreds of fireworks to their construct. Then they raised it right in the middle of the square, seemingly with no worries about the trees or buildings surrounding it. Wow, they wouldn't be able to light this thing off in that small area in Canada! Yikes!


  1. We've said the same thing about those firework set ups when we have seen them being erected before. Boy to they look neat when they set them off though!

    Punta Perula was very quite for Guadalupe Day, a big change from last year in Valle de Bravo. We hardly heard any of those loud BANGS, thank goodness.

    Enjoy Altarose and your trip home for Christmas.

    Kevin and Ruth

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