Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last chance to explore Sayulita

We have been in Sayulita for 2 weeks now...whenever possible we go for a daily walk. This morning we were wondering what was left to discover, so I said "Let's just start walking south, and the first time we come to a road we haven't walked down yet...let's take it". Thankfully, this was the second road we haven't walked down yet, lol, so we didn't go down this one. It may not look like it in the picture, but that is one steep road!!! Instead we ended up on the road to the right.....which will eventually lead to the beach...of course.

I still can't get over how many butterflies there are here. No matter how many I see, I am mesmerized by them.

As we suspected...another beach...just around the corner.

The power of the ocean humbles me. This rock is easily twice as high as I am......and the next minute, easily swallowed whole by the ocean. Yet somehow...the crabs still manage to hold onto the rocks.

Someone put a great deal of effort into carving these into the rocks along the pathway.

There is no shortage of quiet places in Sayulita. I imagine much soul searching is done around here on a regular basis.

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