Saturday, December 17, 2011

New habits - waste no water

As you may know, in a motor home or trailer the grey water tank is fairly small. It forces you to be conscious of how much water you are using. Over the last six weeks, living in Myrtle, I had become used to using very little water when I shower.

I always thought I was rather careful not to waste too much water, even before we left for our journey. However, careful seems to be a relative term.

Since I've been home I have found that I actually prefer showering with less water. In Myrtle, I turn on the water, get wet, wet my wash cloth, and then turn off the water to soap up. First I soap up my body except my face, then I shampoo my hair, then I soap up my face and turn the water back on to rinse off. Quick as a bunny and no water waste.

Yesterday, my first shower back at home, I left the water on to soap up, and found that it was very annoying that the soap was rinsing off as I was trying to shave my legs, and even as I was trying to soap simply can't get the lather I had gotten used to. I turned off the water and was much happier with the lather. I feel as though I get cleaner by turning the water off. After rinsing off, I treated myself to 30 seconds of enjoying a nice hot wasteful shower, and felt decadent indeed.

I like this new habit. I try to be environmentally conscious, and I do believe I have permanently changed a very wasteful habit.

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