Friday, December 2, 2011

Small world of RVing

I survived another night from (.....) I woke at 3, head pounding and then started getting sick.  I was outside walking around the park and trying to survive another of my great nights.   I didn't want to wake Brenda, so I just sat outside most of the night.  Did you know that at 4:30 the roosters start crowing in Mexico?   Around 10 the headache started to ease and by noon I felt not too bad.  Just tired all day.

Around noon I was walking around out front of the park, and I saw Sherman parked along the street. Then I saw Kevin and Ruth.  What a nice suprise.  I have been following their Blog for a couple of years.In fact they are part of the reason why we are in Mexico.  I had even emailed them about crossing the boarder, and sure enough they emailed me back right away, totally willing to help a complete stranger.    A few days ago we ran into Ruth back a few towns and she tried to help us find a place to park.  It didnt work out and we came here instead. Thanks again Kevin and Ruth.

So we had a nice vist then they went for lunch, and we went and found a laundry mat.  They are not the same as at home.  Here you drop your clothes off and they wash dry and fold them. We are so good at Spanish that I thought it was 15 pesos a load and Brenda thought it was 15 pesos for everything.
So we walk back to the trailer and hang around, we didn't realy have the energy to do much of anything. After a few hours walked down to the beach and there was Kevin and Ruth so I got Brenda and a Cervasa and we sat around talking about what to see and do in Mexico.  They told us alot of places to go and where to stay just hope I can remeber half of it.  They all say they saw a whale... I didn't.   Oh well next time.   Anyways it was a good day, meeting someone you have read about doing what you wanted to do.   And it was only 3000 miles from home.   What a small world.
Back to the laundry.     On the beach Ruth said that laundry is done by the kilo and it's usually around 10 to 12 pesos a kilo.  So we go and get it instead of 15 to 30 pesos it was 150 pesos.Now we know how that works, it seems we were overcharged by at least 3 pesos per kilo....dumb gringos!  

Kevin and Ruth have been traveling around Mexico every winter for 4 years.   This being their fifth year, they have decided to do it full time.    Here is their blog.

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