Monday, December 5, 2011

Sayulita...Sunday night party in the park.

Often we hear music coming from the street behind the RV park, and pop over to watch a big band jamming in the back alley. Very enjoyable. Last night, the music sounded different we ventured out thinking perhaps it was the beginning of the upcoming festival - Our lady Guadalupe, which is on December 12th.

It turned out it was the band we watch jamming playing in the park another block over. It seems this is a Sunday night party in the park. There was not a gringo in sight (except us of course). I found that strange...still do....I'm not sure what to make of the fact there was live music in the park, but all the gringos were another block away in the restaurants of touristville.

This man in the video was a source of delightful entertainment. Surely he was inebriated...but he was dancing like no one was watching!!!

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