Thursday, December 8, 2011

Laundry day

Brenda got up and went down and started laundry right away   .It was like she was all gung ho.

This is a VW van parked next to us.It has been around the world.From Alaska to Argentina from the tip of Africa to all of Europe and even Asia.It's a 1974 I didn't ask how many miles are on it.

This is my sun glass store they bring the store right to you.  Brenda did a number on my glasses so I had to make a deal with this guy, 100 pesos Funny how they started at 350 pesos then they had the daily discount.

This is the lowest tide we have seen since we got here I didn't even know there were rocks here.   They surf over these ever day.
They have been setting up all day next to us, someone said it was going to be a wedding.    Look at the size of that pinata!!!   The drummer has been practising for hours he is going to be wore out before the party starts.

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