Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Time

Sorry we haven't blogged in a while.   Life is so busy during the Christmas Season, and we left both the camera and the Black Berry in Mexico!    My computer has been malfunctioning, and everytime I have tried to blog (at least 6 times) it has failed miserably.   I'm reloading it at the moment, and decided to break down and use Gerry's desktop. 
We found our old camera the other day, it limps along...seems to have sand in it or something.   When you turn it on it grinds and wheezes for a bit while the lens tries to open.   We managed to get it open long enough to take a few pictures of the most lavishly decorated house in our neighbourhood.    I can't imagine how many hours went into decorating this place!   We did our usual...pull out the miniature cyberoptic Christmas Tree from the basement and plugged it in.   Decorating done.  :)

Christmas has been wonderful this year.  (this is Brenda speaking, Gerry is a bit of Grinch).    Christmas Eve dinner with Brenda's son, daughter-in-law and grandson at a Japanese restaurant.  yummmy.  (Gerry stayed home with a migraine, but truth be known I think he enjoys the company of a migraine more than Japanese food)

Christmas morning was magical at Adrian, Morgan and Trents house first thing the morning.   Trent was so happy and grateful for his gifts and his family that he broke into tears of joy.  It sure made me happy we decided to come home for Christmas.

Gerry needed a rest between Christmas breakfast and Christmas dinner, so home we went for a few hours, before heading to Brenda's sister Bernita's house for part 2 of Christmas day celebrations.    Barb, Bernita, (the two sisters) Mike (brother in law), Adrian (son), Morgan(daughter-in-law), Lara (niece), Trent(grandson), Gerry and I were there.   It was great to be with family, and I think I would have been miserable if I were in Mexico and missed being with them all.   Usually we play cards after dinner, but this year we were so busy chatting and catching up, we didn't even break out a deck.  

Boxing Day was round 3 of Christmas celebrations and off we went to Gerry's sons' house.  Taylor (son), Sara (daughter), Tommy (son-in-law),  Maddy (granddaughter), Ryleigh (granddaughter), Kennedy (granddaughter), Ana (granddaughter), Sophie (granddaughter), and last but not least Ma (Gerry's mom).  We had a lovely lunch and a fun time catching up.    I just love Christmas time!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing Zoe (granddaughter ) for the 4th and final Christmas celebration for 2011.

It seems the family all heard us loud and clear when we hinted that we needed a camera.  We got lots of gift certificates to be used toward the purchase of our new camera....maybe today we will buy it!

Trent will be coming to spend a few days with us before we go back to Mexico.  More good times!

As we suspected, being in Mexico really helps Gerry's health alot.   Sometimes it doesn't seem that way, when he hasn't had 3 days in a row without a migraine, but....we forgot that here in the cold he doesn't go two days in a row without a migraine.    Gerry is miserable, and can't wait to get back to the warmth.   I'm happy and looking forward to getting back to the warmth.  :)  Of course, I am not looking forward to missing my family...I sure wish I could bring them all with me. 

 7 more sleeps!   

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  1. Glad you have had a great Christmas with your families and that it was worth the trip home. We missed our first year with our grandson but Christmas would have been hard to do as they live in Nova Scotia and the rest of the family in Ontario. We did get to talk to everyone on skype though and we get to see Lindsey and Cameron in a few more weeks.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit and have safe travels back to Mexico and the WARMTH!

    Kevin and Ruth