Thursday, December 1, 2011

Car Rental

So this morning we walked into town and rented a car, so we could drive to Puerto Vallarta.The whole idea was to find a place to park the Turtle when we fly home.We ended up going to an RV park not on the beach so there was lots of room for us and we made a deal for 100 pesos a day.Right now 1 dollar is 14 pesos so it was not a bad price.The entire park is french -- the Quebec invasion.  So once we had that done we walked the beach took some pictures then headed to a Walmart to buy some shorts and shirts.That was a mistake they are double the price of what we would pay at home.So we just bought some kahlua and some water then headed to a Grocery store.  Brenda went grocery shopping while I went to the bank to get more pesos.  Of course I had to go to 3 different ATMs before I found one that would work with my card, then it would only let me take out 3000 Pesos so I had to do 2 transactions.  So now I have a pocket full of Pesos it gave me all 100 pesos bills it sure makes me feel

Right now I'm sitting out side turtle and there is a guy up the coconut tree cutting down all the coconuts they are falling like crazy and splitting open and juice is flying every where.These guys have no fear.   He is up there not tied off or anything. The rest of the day will be sitting around.  Need to rest up after that 27 mile drive.

Forgot to tell you that yesterday Oh not yesterday that was a Migraine day or maybe the last 2 days.Well anyways I was drinking my morning coffee looking at the Ocean and all of sudden a whale came to the surface.It blew a mist of water in the air then went under and about a minute later it came up again and more of it came out of the water.I could see about 10 feet of it's back out of the water then it went under and came up once more.  So now I'm down there straining my eyes watching for more.That was the first time I have seen one.  There are alot of tours to go see them and we are talking about going out.They say its about 100% chance to see them.    So maybe we will.But I want a better camera before we go.   I'm thinking when I'm home for Christmas I will try to get a better one, or maybe I will wait until after Christmas in case all our lovely children  and grandchildren want to pitch in and buy us one for Christmas.   :)

We just go back from town.That was the first time going out when it was dark out.We stopped and had a couple of fish tacos.Not bad meal for 80 pesos about 6 dollars.Then we went to a bakery and bought some sweets no idea what they were called.some pastery filled with chocolate.And stopped and watched a band play for awhile.A great evening now Brenda is saying we need to turn on the air.Its 26 c

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