Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Walk on the wild side

We went for a walk up through the other end of town from yesterday.  We came across some really upscale houses, with drive ways you would be afraid to drive on at home.  They just go right up over the mountain.   It must be scary to drive when its raining.

Anyways we get to the end of the road and there is a trail through the jungle so we follow it.   It wanders all over the place sometimes you can see the ocean and other times it's just solid jungle and you're thinking anything could jump out of here.  Every once in awhile there is a small trail leading off the main one so we decide to take one leading to the ocean.   And guess what we even found the ocean.  Actually we found a secluded bay.  The first thing we see is the skull of a Whale laying on the beach I had no idea how big they are it was amazing.  After a few pictures we walk down to the shore and we see a cave through the rocks which we go through and on the other side is a bigger beach with no one on it.  It had to be a kilometer long but this beach you could see where people had lived years before. Some foundations of homes and a well but no one was any where to be seen.  This was one of those finds you have heard about or read about but never thought you would see.  What a great day until the walk home.    How can you always make the wrong pick? We had 2 choices to make along a beach or try another trail we chose the trail what a mistake.  After about 2 kilometers we ended up on the main road into town.    It turned out to be about 5 kilometers from town because the road swung inlang, and their roads have no shoulders so every time a car or truck came we had to get off the side in the ditch or some times hanging over the side of a cliff.  It was no fun walking back.  The first bar we saw we stopped and had a couple of Cervases.   It was just outside of town, and was a bar/restaurant the locals frequent.     At 70 cents a piece they sure went down good.  Anyways that was today's adventure.    Now we have to rest up so tonight we can head  back into town to witness another Our Lady of Guadalupe pilgrimage.

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