Friday, December 9, 2011

Hiking the trails at jungles edge

After a bad night (I was up most of it, walking the streets of Sayulita...just me and the dogs).   The migraine hit with a vengance.   Brenda was flat out on her back since yesterday evening.   I started feeling better around 10.:00 a.m., and walking helps Brenda's back, so around 11 we headed out for a stroll.  Thinking it would be better to be out of the sun we headed for our favorite spot, the secluded beach with the whale skull.

We did a nice slow walk and followed the trails we knew for awhile.   Brenda kept trying to get pictures of Butterflys and Lizards to no avail.  Except this one.   If you could of heard the nice words she was calling the camera.  Since no one has fedexed a new camera to us our next hope is Santa, if not I have to break down and buy one after Christmas.    So for now you have to put up with looking at pictures with a blob in the centre.

We eventually took a different trail and ended up on the far side of the cave.   We came across an area where there use to be a resort of some kind but all that's left is the change rooms and a small bathroom.  In fact the road has even grown over and washed out.      You can get to it with a quad but no car would ever make there.  We end up going to the cave and it had half filled with sand it must have been a high tide in the last few days.  We almost had to crawl to get through to the other side.  Not me...I ran.... you know me and my claustrophobia.   I was through it in about 3 seconds.  As I was going through a wave came in and the water was about a foot deep.  Thought that was the end for me. Funny how you can laugh at things after the fact but at that moment it wasn't funny at all. So we started to head for home, but we came across another trail leading up a good size hill and couldn't resist following it.  About a half a kilometer up the hill we come across a house right in the jungle.  Some one did alot of work to build it then just abandoned it.   We kept going and then we come to an area where they had built walls.

  They build stone walls for fences around here.  Up and up we went.  It ended on top of the hill some one had built retainer walls and flattened the top.   I'm sure someone was going to build a house at one time but now I think it is a distant dream.    They have a million dollar view from up there you can see in all directions.   We got some great pictures if you call a blob in your pictures great.  lol  (hint hint, nudge nudge) We even had some birds soaring around us.

If you look closely  in this picture you can see the cave that takes you from one beach to the other...the very one that tried to swallow me whole today!!!!     If you can't find it in the above picture, here is a closeup....can you find it now?

 We were so high up, the birds were flying at the same level, and even lower than we were.      What a find .... it boggles the mind how few people are on these trails and beaches.    Everyone is too busy in the touristy areas.   They miss so much.  

After that we headed for home and didn't even make a wrong turn.  We must be getting better.

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