Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bus ride

The day before yesterday our Telcel internet stick stopped working.    There is a Telcel store in town, so yesterday we took it in.   The young man behind the counter spoke very good English, and in no time at all, after a phone call to head office he told us that there was something wrong with the sim card, but they have fixed it.

This morning we tried to use the stick, but to no avail, so we decided to start todays adventure  with a trip to the Telcel store in town.   When we got there the guy said we had to go to Puerto Vallarta to the mall to get it fixed.   So the decision was made to take the bus.   It's only 45 minutes to an hour and a half ride.I    guess it depends how many stops they make on the way.   We think it took closer to 2 hours but there is a time change on the way there so we were not quite sure how long it took.  

The bus ride was an experience in and of itself.   The shocks aren't so great, and the topes (speed bumps) in Mexico are insanely large and numerous.   The bus would slow down for the topes and as soon as the front end was over it, he would speed up.   We had sat at the very back, for the leg room.   By the time our end of the bus hit the tope, we thought we were on a ride at an amusement park.   Our rear ends would jump a foot off the seat, and down we would plop.   Not to mention, during the worst of the topes we had this young man, with a pointed stick pretending to be a ninja on the bus.    We had visions of being run through by his sword!    

 The bus let us off only a block from the mall,  we walk in the mall and find Telcel.   Then it was the go to next window routine.    We have no idea why.  We started by standing in the cattle line up, but when we got to the front they told us to go to the cashier window.   The cashier wrote something on a paper and sent us to the reception desk who ended up sending us to the line up we were in in the first place.  

We finally get to a person (booth #3 of 37, I think they have a lot of problems with Telcel)  who is going to help us but she spoke no english.    It took a bit but she finally understood our terrible spanish mixed in with English.   She took out the sim card and went to get it checked.  After a half hour she came back and said the sim card was good but they had to check the stick out and wanted us to come back in 1hr.    Not bad for people that spoke different languages.   So we went and wandered around the mall for awhile.   Prices in Puerto Vallarta are more than at home; it could be because the mall is across from the port where the cruise ships dock.   So we kill the hour and go back to Telcel and they said they were giving us a new stick.   She had a lot of paperwork to do first, after half an hour she sent us back to the cashier, who printed us a bill and receipt for $0.00, and sent us back to the booth #3.    So that was todays adventure.    It cost a total of 100 pesos for the 2 of us to go to Puerto Vallarta and  and back.Thats a little under 8 dollars.  On the way back we had the hindsight to sit in the middle of the bus and met a bunch of nice people, so it was an entertaning ride back.   

Brenda is flat on her back tonight, and I have the makings of a migraine, so we decided to grab a couple of fish and shrimp tacos at our favourite restaurant.And thats it for this wonderfull day.   


  1. Sounds like a day full of adventure, Hope Brenda feels better today. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...