Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We Are Home

It feels like home.  We took a Taxi from the Air Port to El Rancho Altarose and it cost 300 pesos.  That's about 22 dollars and it took a half hour to get here.   We didn't even barter with this taxi driver.   When we first got off the plane there were tons of taxi drivers offering to bring us here for 450 pesos, and we just kept telling them we would take a bus.   We crossed over to the bus stop and the taxi drivers there were much more reasonable.    Neither of us enjoy the barter routine, if we don't want to pay it, we just say no and let them come down to a price we like.   We know we could be paying less, but we feel we pay a fair price most of the time.     Everything is as we left it.    Right now I need to go into town for supplies because we cleaned out our cupcboards before we left.

I will Blog later today with new pictures from our new camera!


  1. And where are you heading from there?

  2. Thanks to Morgan for sending me an email telling me what the eggs are for. Warding off evil spirits!!!!! No wonder we are so safe here on the Ranch! :) Check out this link.