Friday, January 20, 2012

Sayulita - home away from home

Back in Sayulita - Home away from Home

We are very lucky that both of us have fallen in love with the little town of Sayulita.   We had a very quiet day today.    We both seem to be on the verge of coming down with something, so it is good timing that we have opportunity to rest.   The last two nights Gerry has had migraines through the night, but managed to stave them off in the morning.  

This little town has something for everyone (unless you are looking for a 5 start resort and nothing else will do...then you are on the wrong coast)    This is their website.  

We have a different spot this time around, 4th from the beach on the south side.  There's Myrtle, all cozy comfy, probably quite content to take a month off.   I took this picture from outside of one of the campgrounds rental bungalows on the beach.    The owner of the campground built it around his house, which is the orange building next to Myrtle.

This is the opposite picture from the last one.  Here I am standing beside Myrtle taking a picture of her view of the beach and bungalow.   It's only about 50 steps to the beach, I think I can handle that.  We can rent this bungalow for visitors, and just may be doing so for the two eldest grandchildren later this month.    Who knows...maybe more family will come visit while we are stationary.   There is lots to do here including a whale watch, deep sea fishing, horse back riding, surfing, zip lining, hiking, and chilling on the beach.       

 Here is a beach perspective of the Sayulita Trailer Park.   On the south side is a bar/restaurant that often has bands at night...surprisingly they are not so loud that they are bothersome.   To the north side is a restaurant, then another section of the Trailer Park where large rigs can park.

mmmmm...where else can you get fresh fruit delivered to you while you sit and watch the ocean?

We got a kick out of this dog trying to catch fish.   The water is about 4 inches deep here, but there are tons of little fish swimming about.   They haven't gone back out with the tide because of all the little rocks around keeping a pool of water here.

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