Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 18th & 19th, Turtle from Colola to Barra de Navidad and on to Sayulita

We got up bright and early (ok, 8ish), hoping to see more action on the beach.  Alas, the turtles were all gone back out to sea.
We started with a walk on the beach and came across a bunch of dogs digging up Turtle eggs and eating them.    We tried chasing them away but to no avail.     As soon as we walked away they would come back and dig them up again.

Here is one of the culprits.    Doesn't he look like he got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar? 

This was 50 feet from where we were camped.  To think, while we slept a huge turtle waddled up, dug a hole,  laid her eggs, covered them up again, and then went back out into the ocean.    

We stopped in at the Turtle Sanctuary and said bye to everyone.   What a great bunch of kids, giving up 3 weeks to help out and even pay for the experience.   One girl told us it  was her 3rd time here.

Every one of these stakes is a nest of eggs they dug up and put here so they can watch over them.   Each one has about 400 eggs and they incubate for 40 days.

This is the road into a camp ground that was closed.   We blogged about it being closed on our way down the coast.    The couple we met in La Ticla camped there anyway for one night, and said they saw lots of interesting and beautiful birds and a tarantula.   So we decided to check it out.

It was totally overgrown.    Once we were in about 100 yards we were commited until we found somewhere we could turn around.

We only lost one 3 foot part of our top rail or luggage rack on the drive in.   I' m sure this place was nice in its' day but now it's so overgrown you can hardly tell where the camp site was.   We didn't see any birds or spiders.   

This is the road sign.    Rancho Bugainvilla is still listed in Churches book so take warning and don't drive in there unless you walk it first.   Myrtle is only 26 feet long and we wouldn't take her in again.  Try it if you like, but we have seen much better places to stop than this.

We had a good drive and made it to Barra de Navidad in just a few hours.  We stopped in to the Cadillac Ranch again.   Once we got all set up for the night we road our bikes to town and had dinner with Kevin.   We met up with Kevin in Puerto Vallarta, and once again our paths crossed.  He had gone to Mazatlan and Guatalajara while we headed south along the coast. 

What a great meal!  It was served in a Lava bowl and was so hot you had to wait to eat it.    It was chicken and shrimp  but we both totally forget what it was called.   :)  Maybe Kevin remembers, the next time we bump into him in our travels we will have to ask.  hahaha, if we remember. 

We were having such a great time with Kevin we lost track of time and before we knew it, it was dark outside.    Good thing we packed flashlights and have lights on the bikes.    Unfortunately (or perhaps it was a good thing), when we got back to Kevin's hotel we found  Brenda's bike had a flat tire, so we had to take two cabs back to the campsite.   One cab for the bikes, and one for us.    

We were both pretty exhausted, so neither one of us heard any roosters through the night.    We got up bright and early  this morning (ok, so it was 9ish), and headed out at 10:30 to make our way back to Sayulita.    We pulled into Sayulita at 4:30 p.m.    It was a long day on the road, with only one stop in Nuevo Vallarta for groceries.     The first thing we did was go for a fish taco at our favourite taco restaurant.    Without a doubt, Sayulita makes the best taco's from San Blas to Playa Azul.    We are pretty exhausted, but happy to be home.   We will stay here for a month, before heading inland to visit the Monarch Butterflies.  

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