Sunday, January 8, 2012

Punta Perula Day 2

This is at the north end of the beach.There is a river that the fisher men use to tie up their boats.  There is a restuarant on the other side and you have to walk across the river to get to it.  It's only waist deep!  We didn't go.

This is where we are parked.  Next to the washroom and against a black wall.  The temperature yesterday was 34 c and inside Myrtle it was 42c.  Wonder why we don't like this park?   Thankfully we have air conditioning and are allowed to use it at this park.   Some trailer parks won't let you.   We don't need air during the night though...last night it went down to 15 c.   Great sleeping weather!

We are sorry we didn't leave yesterday.   We discussed it at length, changing our minds over and over again because we were so tired and road weary.    The sand fleas got us yesterday afternoon....we both are itching from head to toe.   We are told this area has never been this bad for bugs before, and they attribute it to hurricane Jova that came through here in October. 

Today we are Turtling on down the road south.    We have a few possible destinations, all fairly close to one another so we plan to check things out before we choose a parking spot.     Where will we end up?   Tenacatita?  |La Manzanilla?  Boca Beach? San Patricio?  Melaque?  Barra de Navidad?   All these destinations are within 1 - 2 hours from here.

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