Saturday, January 21, 2012

We were just heading out for a walk and the produce truck pulls up, so we ended up buying a bunch of fruit and vegetables.   They have stuff I have never heard of and don't even know how to cook it.  See Myrtle in the background?   How often do you get your produce delivered within 20 feet of your door?    It sure brings back memories of the good old days when our milk, eggs and produce were all delivered.

We were aalking down the street when this old VW drives by.    It sure was running rough missing and smoking.   I would love to have this car down here.  If I come across it again I'm going to find out if he will sell it.

We went to this Cafe, that has free internet and is only one block from where we are camped.  I was thinking we could get their pass word and be able to pick it up from the Turtle but no luck there is a 2 story building between us.

Waited most of the day for my beer delivery this guy took forever to get here.   He said I ordered too much.

These next pictures were our entertainment today.  This Iguana was about 3 feet long.  It ran across the camp and climbed a tree across from us.  It's still there I guess it's waiting for night fall to get away.

Some rich dude pulled into the bay today this Yatch is easily over 100 feet long.

And just before sunset we went for our beach walk.

And that ends another lazy day in Sayulita. 

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  1. Poor thing, you lead such a hard life! Enjoy...