Monday, January 9, 2012

San Patricio, Morning Walk - north through town

 Standing on the beach looking north we could see this structure atop a rock, so we thought we would head through town toward it.    We are both too tired and sore to walk on the beach today.
 mmmmmmm....fresh strawberries.   We bought some of these on the way back to Myrtle, and just as they look, they are quite delicious.   I am finding the food prices in this town more expensive than Sayulita.   The small bag of strawberries cost $20 pesos.     I think during strawberry season they are about the same price back home.  
 What on earth could have happened?   I'll have to ask around.   The picture above is from the street, the picture below is the same resort from across the bay.    It is huge!!!        
Below is the structure we saw from the beach in front of our trailer park.   There is a fence at the bottom of the stairs so we couldn't go to the top.     Too bad, because the view is probably priceless!   There is a walkway that runs a few hundred yards along the northern coast of the little bay we are on.   You can see it in this picture.  
 There is a cross on a rock, with a little red bridge going out to it.   We would have had to hike up across some big rocks to get to it.    That may be a walk for another day as well.   Gerry has all the signs of an imminent migraine, so we didn't dare try to venture out to it.   It is very curious though.


The almost-free campsite is along the lagoon side of the beach,  about one hundred yards away from the above walkway.    We took a walk through it and confirmed our suspicions that we would not camp here.   It struck us that some of the rigs are huge (I didn't take a picture of any of the big ones), easily worth a couple hundred thousand dollars.   Why on earth would someone who could afford a rig like that choose to camp in this almost-free environmentally unfriendly campground?   Each campsite has a hole dug into the ground where they run their grey and black water.    There are a ton of bugs, as you would expect beside a lagoon.   The following 4 pictures are all from the almost-free campsite.   It seemed most of the RV's were from either Quebec or Alberta.       

 As you can see from the above sign, they at least have a night watchman.  :)   I wonder how many of their belongings get legs through the night.   :)

The next two pictures are of an Norteamericano and a Mexican home which are actually beside each other.  Can you tell which is which?      

 These homes are just around the corner from the one above.    There are quite a few for sale signs, I guess once a gringo moves in ....."There goes the neighbourhood".

Walking across the bridge, I snapped this picture.  It wasn't until I got back to Myrtle that I saw the staircase....another thing I must explore before leaving San Patricio.  

These folk are quite serious about keeping others out.  

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