Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yesterdays Trip

We Turtled from PV to Punta Perula yesterday (January 6th) but, we didn't have a good Wifi connection yesterday so it gets posted today.   We left Puerto Vallarta around noon.  In the morning we went and visted with Brenda's friend Kevin.   It was great fun.  Kevin is an old friend of Brenda's and was going on 2 hours sleep....funny fellow!!  We had breakfast with him then went back to Myrtle, packed up and left.  We got some bad directions and drove right through the centre of town... so that was no fun.  It took about an hour just to get outside of PV.  It was a slow drive, the first half is through the mountains, and the roads were very windy.   We made it to Punta Perula.   We pulled into the first  RV park we came to....bad mistake, we do not really like this place.   We are in the back of park, can't see the ocean, no breeze and no shade.   We are on fine can't go barefoot, but it gets into your shoes too.    On top of that we are parked right beside the washrooms, the light is on all night and shines directly into Myrtle, and the two dogs in the RV beside us are barkers.   We are going to Turtle on down the road tomorrow.     After we were set up we went for a walk on the beach.     The beach is beautiful.   About two hundred yards down the beach is a lagoon that homes a crocodile.   We looked and looked, but just didn't see it.     We walked a ways further down the beach and came to a hotel that was destroyed in an Earthquake.   They tried to blow it up last month.  If you go to  Kevin has some pictures of it while they were trying and failed.    It was something I wish I was here for.

I will blog again tonight with todays adventure.  

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