Monday, January 16, 2012

Michoacan Coast - Breathtaking

Buenos dias!!!   These pictures are from yesterday, after our long drive, and catch up blog from the day before we had to call it a night and get some desperately needed sleep.    We were up with the roosters yesterdays, and this morning, in Playa Azul we woke to a whole new Cock Choir.   Welcome to small town Mexico. 

This a the family we blogged about last night.   Imagine the shape these two are in, hauling these two children on bycicles through the coastal mountain roads.   

It tooki us 6 hours to do a 3 hour drive.   We had only planned to drive half way down the coast, but we couldn't find a campground with internet, and the views were so spectacular we decided to keep on going.   We stopped at several lookout points.   At the first one we could see these tracks at the bottom...nothing else seemed to be on the beach and we are quite convinced they are turtle tracks.    We zoomed in to take this close up of the beach from the same spot as the next picture.   

We stopped at a resort along the way to see if they had spots for RV's.  They didn't, but it was a stop we were very happy we made nonetheless.   It turned out to be some sort of turtle sanctuary with bungalows you can rent.   The beach was full of turtle tracks, and big holes where they laid their eggs.    Too bad we couldn't camp here because it would be such a marvelous site to see a turtle come up out of the ocean, lay her eggs and head back out.   Not to mention seeing the babies dig their way out of the sand and head out to vast blue ocean.    I sure hope we are treated to either of those sites on this trip.  

 If you look closely, you can see big holes in the sand.  These holes are easily 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep.  I don't know how much deeper the eggs are buried, but you can see the turtle tracks coming out of each and every hole.

This egg didn't make it.  

It's hard to pull out pictures to share, we have so many.   As soon as Brenda can get a good enough internet connection she will be uploaded hundreds to her facebook page.   Feel free to check them out.!/godeepdive?sk=photos

These little fellows seemed to be have a rough time getting across the brought  The Brothers Grim fairy tale of Three Billy Goats Gruff to mind.   Such a gruesome fairy tale, as most of them were.        

Take a close look at these rocks....hundres, maybe thousands of birds are resting on them.    I would love to get a closer look, but the zoom lens on the camera is limited.     Now we need new lenses...a more powerful zoom, a macro and a wide angle.   :)   I think maybe we are getting spoiled.     

Speaking of spoiled,  a nice Mexican gentleman just cut the top off a coconut for us to drink....mmmmmmm....fresh coconut milk.    Now he is chopping it up for us to eat.    I think it is time to get off the computer, enjoy the day, and with any luck we will catch up on the blogging tonight.    Adios amigos

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