Friday, January 27, 2012

We must learn Spanish/Debemos aprender español

! Hola !    My keyboard doesn't have an upside down exclamation or question mark, so I can't actually write this correctly.   The exclamation or question is opened with an upside down mark before the sentence and closed off with the normal (to us) punctuation. 

The Mexicans make it far too easy for us to get around without Spanish, or should I say "Los mexicanos lo hacen demasiado fácil para nosotros para moverse sin españoles."?   Many people speak a little English, and even when they don't they will grab someone who does.   They are very accommodating.    We find ourselves having to make the effort to encourage them to speak Spanish to us.  lol.   Of course, then we have to ask what they said because we our Spanish sucks.   I suppose it gets tiring for them.     

We have looked for Spanish lessons to download for over a year, and never really found anything that turned our crank.   However, over the past few days we have been watching a young lad named Senor Jordan on youtube.    It has been very useful.  He has 62 beginner youtubes to watch, then another 42 advanced.  

We found his videos when I (Brenda) came to the realization that I need to know the Spanish alphabet and how to pronounce all the letters and vowels in order to learn the language.   I googled Spanish alphabet and quite a few youtube videos came up.  I liked Senor Jordon's the best.    We like the way he has broken learning the language into chunks.

This is his alphabet youtube:

After playing this a few times, we realized we were using up of band width to play the same thing over and over, so we decided to learn how to download youtubes.  It's as easy as pie.   Go to and download software called Youtube Downloader.  It is free.   We put the videos on a flashdrive, so now we can watch these videos on our tv or computer even when we can't get the internet.   

You can check out Senor Jordan's website here:

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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