Monday, January 30, 2012

Taking a Stroll in Sayulita - so beautiful here

We decided to take a stroll to a place we found before Christmas that overlooks the rock-tunnels that join two beaches.    After having driven the Michoacan Coast, we were not as awestruck by the the view; even so, it still has the power to take your breath away.    The first picture is the rock-tunnels, you can clearly see four tunnels from this vantage point today.   Right above the rocks you can see the next beach, and by lifting the camera up just a few inches.....

!! Aqui !! (voila for the French speakers)

It never ceases to amaze me that so often there are no people on these beaches.    This view has it skies, blue water, sandy beach, rocks, and the forest.


As we stroll through the woods so close to waters edge we are treated with views such as this one of the ocean.    As we approach these spots, first we can detect the sound of the waves crashing.         

This building, in the middle of nowhere, appears to be under construction, yet abandoned.   It has not changed since we last walked past it in the forest over a month ago... even the two bottles of tequila on the window sill are in the same spots.     

I haven't been able to determine exactly what kind of palm tree this is.   Perhaps these are Cohune nuts?  When I look at pictures on google it seems to indicate these are Cohune nuts, but when I read up on Cohune nuts it says they are ivory white and usually high up off the ground.   This cluster of nuts was no more than 2 feet off the ground.     

Strolling along the path you can hear birds, squirrels, and lizards-types all going about their business.   It is far from quiet, yet it is utterly relaxing.   

If you keep your eyes peeled, oft times you will see old stair cases...which apparently lead nowhere.   I find myself wondering how old they are.   They certainly aren't Mayan ruin old....I get the impression they were built only a couple of generations ago.    Were all these old structures abandoned then destroyed by nature, or were they destroyed by nature then abandoned?      

The last path back down to the beach before the main branch takes you into town.   Neither of us are feeling well yet, so we decide to forgo taking the hilly streets that wind their way back into town.    We are not so sure walking the beach was any less exhausting!!!   


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