Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fun Day

We've been pretty sick for the last few days, the cold we picked up while we were back home finally took hold and caught up to us.    The first round of antibiotics didn't do any good, but the antibiotics we got yesterday seem to be working.   We were still off, and somewhat weak today so we decided not to try to walk up any hills.   We took a stroll over the beach that had the whale bone when we were here in December.    OMG!!!!!  It was gone!   This is what the spot looked like only 4 weeks ago. 

And this is what it looks like now.  (picture taken from the opposite side)   We looked around the trails leading to this beach and concluded the whale head bone had to have left via the Pacific.   Either the tide took it out, or someone pulled it out while the tide was in.    We were very disappointed because we lost all our pictures and wanted to get some pictures with our new camera.    Fortunately, we were able to pull the above picture off an old blog. 

The Rock Tunnel

The rock tunnel was different from before as well.   At first we couldn't quite put our finger on it, then we realized there are two tunnels.   The first time we were here, the tunnel closer to the ocean was filled with water because the tide was partially in.   We hadn't even noticed it.   This time the tunnel we went through before was half filled in with sand.   We couldn't go through it unless we crawled, and didn't think it would be safe to be in there when the waves come crashing in.

 This is the tunnel we hadn't noticed before.    When the waves come in it fills up about 2 feet deep.

 We went through the tunnel, trying to time it so we would get through to the other side between waves.  Oops,  I didn't quite make it.   When the wave came in, I stopped and held onto the wall.    Half way in, there is a third entrance into the tunnel.   This entrance goes straight out to the Pacific!!!!   Beautiful, and powerful.    We had such fun playing in this tunnel.    We ended up soaking wet up to our butts.
This is the other tunnel.  It is hard to tell how short it is, but if you look closely you can see the bottom half of someone's legs on the other side.   This whole tunnel almost fills up completely between waves.  

This is a picture from the other side, the water is just starting to come in.


The Fisherman


The walk really took a lot out of us.   We probably tried to bite off more than we could chew being the first day we felt halfway decent.   We took the beach back to Myrtle and was treated with this sight.    It was quite humorous watching him try to fish with a net in these waves.   The surfing was great today!
 Holy moly, here comes a big one!

The Butterfly
Finally I was able to get a picture of a butterfly!   I can't remember ever seeing a green butterfly before.   I'm liking this camera.   

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