Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting Ready for Maddy & Ryleigh

It looks like the girls have their passports in order, so we are ready to firm up our plans to have the two eldest granddaughters Maddy and Ryleigh come down to visit us.   It was a good thing we booked the rooms today, because they are a lot busier than we thought!

We were able to get the one on the beach from the 18th to the 22nd only.   We had to book another suite off the beach for the first part of their visit.    The last guests just moved out of the beachfront suite and they were cleaning it for the next guests so we were able to get in and take a few pictures.

This is a view from the side porch, looking in.   There's Gerry checking it out.

As you come inside there are two couches, these can be used for sleeping.   The kitchen has everything you need.   You can see the two windows on the left...these look out onto the beach. 

This is taken from the kitchen looking out toward the door.    

Here is the bedroom.   A kingsize bed and another couch.   So with the bed and 3 couches it sleeps 5, although the bed is so huge I am sure it would sleep 3 or 4 kids all by itself. 

 The bathroom is complet with shower.

Here is the kitchen taken from the bedroom door.

The next two pictures are of the porch, one looking at the porch, the other looking at the beach from the porch.

Unfortunatly, for the beginning of the visit we will have to use the off-beach bungalow.   We booked the downstairs suite.   There are two concrete benches just outside the front doors.  

People just arrived, and were off to the beach so we couldn't go inside.   The curtains were open though, so we quickly took two shots.   This is the kitchen.

There are two bedrooms off to the right, and a full bathroom.   Each bedroom has a kingsize bed and a couch in it.   So it sleeps 6 or more depending on how many you want to squeeze into those beds.

This is the Chapel right beside the off-beach bungalow.    I've never seen anyone in it.

This is the view standing in front of the off-beach Bungalow looking toward the beach.   You can see Myrtle, she is the 3rd trailer up.    The beauty of both of these suites for us is if the girls are uncomfortable staying in them alone, we can all stay in them together, or we can switch things up a bit and have Gerry and I take turns staying with the girls.     That way if Gerry has a migraine, he can have privacy in Myrtle and the kids don't have to worry about making noise.   It's perfect!!!  

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